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At Paracas you will need: 

  • All your kites but favor the smallest ones. In addition to normal sizes (ex: 9m and 12m), you might need 6m or 7m, especially lightweights

  • *Water boots thin enough  to fit into board straps (at your discretion)

  • Rashguard (lycra)  long sleeve  for the sun and any harness rash.

  • Vaseline or coconut oil to prevent rashes between the legs

  • Cap with leash  

  • Sunglasses with leash

  • Gloves especially for sensitive hands that are going to do a week of kiting

  • *Wetsuit . We recommend a short wetsuit and a long wetsuit 3 or 2 mm if you have.

  • Un  neo-hoodie   (neoprene coat) can  be very good also in strong winds

  • *Floatation jacket

  • Long and warm clothes for the evening which can be cool. 

  • mosquito repellent

  • Immodium or other treatment for digestive problems for sensitive stomachs. We eat very well but ca rests South America so better to prevent. I also suggest probiotics before departure and during the trip.

  • Comfort items for sleeping well during the 3h30 night buses (neck pillow, earplugs, eye patches, etc.)

  • Sunscreen minimum 30 and sticks of sunscreen for the lips and for the face (on sale at the shop) Too many people burn themselves without protection.

  • A little US$ for excursions, tips and other small expenses. You can also withdraw Peruvian SOLES at Paracas.

  • Travel insurance covering kitesurfing. Please note that credit card insurance sometimes excludes kitesurfing. For travel insurance covering kitesurfing, contact us.

  • USB key to recover photos and videos of the trip on site.


*Provided with equipment rental

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